3 Days / 2 Nights Morocco Desert Tour From Marrakech to Zagora Lifestyle

3 Days

3 Days / 2 Nights Morocco Desert Tour From Marrakech to Zagora Lifestyle


A beautiful archaeological city called Zagora combined various civilizations, religions, and cultures. Zagora was inhabited by Jews before Islam and Muslims after it, also inhabited by Nomads, Berbers, and Arabs. and settled by Europeans. This city has preserved the element of difference between its elements to this day.

In addition to all this distinction, Zagora is a Saharan city, and it includes the oldest historical library in the southern region.

Even the Sahara of Zagora is distinct and unique. Contrary to the traditional image of the desert, which is endless golden sand, the desert of Zagora is somewhat black.

The Nomad Excursion team has designed a program that simulates the life of the Saharan dwellers in every detail as clothing, food, etc… To offer you the perfect experience of a nomadic man.

This adventure through history will take you to the farthest place and time, and very different from anything you have seen before, a journey that will not only leave you memories but will nourish your souls and guide you with new ideas about hospitality. Are you ready? let’s go


  • -Nomad Excursion team will provide you with your special costume, shoes and Berber names to use them during the program.
  • - An accompanying photographer to capture the most important moments and distribute them to the participants at the end of the trip.
  • -All meals will be taken homestay with the locals.
  • -The Visit of Telouat and Aitbenhaddou Ksar (Palace).
  • -The Visit of cinema studios in Ouarzazate
  • -Passing through some of the Berber tribes scattered along the Draa Valley.
  • -Saharan folkloric animation and overnights in Nomad tents.
  • -The visit of Tazagourt Fort, Zaouia Nassiria, And tamegrout library.


Day 1 :

-07:00 Am: We will send one of our employees to your hotel half an hour before the departure time, to hand you the traditional clothes for your trip, the program as well as some rules to follow for a better trip. -07:30 Am: Here you are, a few minutes away from diving deep into history and going back in time to completely different worlds. Our first stop will be the Tishka Mountain Road, where the second-highest peak in the High Atlas mountain ranges was located at an estimated altitude of two thousand two hundred and sixty meters above sea level. It is a great place to meditate, but unfortunately, today is still full of exceptional things. --Stop for 20 minutes’ free time to enjoy the majestic tizi-n-tishka mountain. --Take pictures --Grab a delicious cup of coffee to enjoy the rest of the trip. -11:30 Am: By this time, we will be in Ait Benhaddou fortified Village for 3 hours but first let me tell you about this place in brief: A palace built in the eleventh century AD, the village was named after him later Ait Ben Haddou. The purpose of its construction was to provide a resting place for commercial caravans traveling between Europe and Africa, but it began to attract cinematographers, archaeologists, and tourists in the mid-twentieth century, to be included by UNESCO in 1987 on the World Heritage List, the Ait ben haddou palace becomes the most important location for the filming of major films. --1.5 hours with local guided visit --1.0 hour to take lunch --0.5-hour free time -15:00 Pm: From Ait Ben Haddou to Ouarzazate, the pride of Moroccans and Hollywood of Africa, thanks to its cinema studios which are hosting the biggest Hollywood works such as: Lawrence of Arabia, Tea in the desert and some scenes from Mission Impossible, the last part. --The visit of the Studios --The visit of the museum and Taourirt Kasbah (optional) --Free time to take pictures. -17:00-17:30 Pm: it’s time to end our journey for today. -Free time in Ouarzazate -Dinner and Overnight in a Kasbah.

Day 2 :

-09:00 Am: This day will be devoted for visiting a quiet town that hides behind it a fascinating beauty, the kindness of the persons, the splendor of a place, and its sweet breeze and the white almond blossom that dazzles the heart and pleases the eyes. And this is not just words, as nature has given them the best painting engraved with a heart that meets an eye in one of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Guided visit to Ait saouen village Breakfast homestay with a local Endoscopic view of the mountain sculpture -11:30 Am: continuation of our journey through the draa valleys, passing by Agdz village. --1.54 hours to Arrive to Zagora --1.30 Lunch homestay with local --0.30 hour to Visit Zaouia nassiria and tazagourt fort --0.45 hour to Visit tamegrout library -17:30 Pm: at the end of our Day in zagora and its regions, it will be time to continue our trip to Tinfou where we will have our second night under nomad tents surrendered by the stars in every direction. --0.45 hour to enjoy the sunset with Arabs camels. --1.15 hour to have diner --1.30 Free time to enjoy a folkloric animation prepared by real nomads Overnight in a camp

Day 3 :

-07:00 Am: Come on! We still have things to do, on this day we will take our way back to Marrakech, but wait we kept the better for later. --0.45 hour to see the sunrise --0.45 hour to have breakfast --0.30 hour Stops to take pictures --1.30 hour Stop for lunch homestay with local --1.00 hour for The visit of Telouat Kasbah. We hope you have enjoyed, and before arriving at your accommodation in Marrakech at the evening, we will share with you the memories you have collected.

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3 Days / 2 Nights Morocco Desert Tour From Marrakech to Zagora Lifestyle

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