3 Days in South of Morocco

3 Days

Indulge in the warmth of Berber hospitality and indulge in exotic flavors. From vibrant markets to breathtaking oases, let the South of Morocco ignite your sense of adventure. Uncover the secrets of this enchanting land. Book your desert escape today!


Escape to the captivating South of Morocco. Embark on a journey through endless golden dunes, where the desert whispers tales of ancient civilizations. Marvel at the mesmerizing beauty of the Atlas Mountains as they paint a majestic backdrop. Indulge in the warmth of Berber hospitality and indulge in exotic flavors. From vibrant markets to breathtaking oases, let the South of Morocco ignite your sense of adventure. Uncover the secrets of this enchanting land. Book your desert escape today!


  • Sahara Desert Adventure
  • Embark on an unforgettable journey through the vast Sahara Desert
  • where towering sand dunes
  • camel rides
  • starry nights await you


At seven in the morning or half past seven, your journey will depart from the red city of
Marrakech after meeting the responsible driver for accompanying you in front of your
residence. After forty-five minutes of your departure, you will notice that the features of
urbanization are starting to fade little by little, primitive local villages and markets as if you
went back in time. All the developments that characterize the present day are beginning to
disappear, to be replaced by the High Atlas Mountains and some of the douars built on their
slopes. The road that you take is the most beautiful throughout the ages. It was named the Silk
Road, then the Road of a Thousand Kasbahs, and finally the Tizin-Tishka Road. You still
enjoy the scenic views of the Atlas Mountains until you reach the Ait Ben Haddou Palace; it
is a kind of ancient Moroccan residential castle that back to the eleventh century AD. "Ait
Ben Haddou Palace" has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, and many
historical films were shot there as Gladiator, mummy, the prince of Persia, and Game of
Thrones. After visiting these kasbahs, you will continue on your way to Ouarzazate, the
famous, nicknamed the door of the desert or the Hollywood of Africa. It takes 20 minutes to
reach Ouarzazate by car, and you have enough time to have lunch and visit some famous sites
as well as the Kasbah Taourirt and the Cinema Museum. You have finished your visit to the
city of Ouarzazate, a charming place, and it is completely different from the red Marrakesh.
At least now! You know why this city was chosen as a world-class film studio by cinema
masters. But the best is yet to come. You are still in the heart of the Moroccan Sahara
adventure towards our next stop, the Valley of Roses. This name is not a metaphor or just a
specific nickname for a place because this name describes the region, which is the first capital
of roses in Morocco, and all the city's facilities document this name. You won't be able to feel
the splendor of these rocks until you stand in front of their majesty! These rocks are called
monkey fingers but when you look closely, you will find rocks in the shape of fingers, a little
big for monkeys, maybe huge gorilla toes. You will stop to take some souvenir photos, then
you will continue your journey towards the hotel that is still about twenty kilometers away.
"Dinner and first night at Dades Hotel".

The Dades Gorges is characterized by its cold weather throughout the year because of its
location surrounded by the highest mountain peaks, which makes it a destination for many
tourists to escape the summer heat. Here are houses only for hospitality, but the stay here is
one of the most wonderful things to do during your stay in Morocco. This day is dedicated to
visiting the city of Tinghir, and the Todra fields, and we begin our visit with a meeting with
the local guide of this region. When you arrive in Tinghir, you will meet a local guide to
accompany you on a guided visit to the Tinghir Oasis. The tour takes about one and a half

hours, then to the Todra gorges, where you will have lunch in the same village, then you will
take your destination to Merzouga, passing through Tin Jadad, Erfoud, and Rissani. In
Merzouga: Oh!!! This is Merzouga finally, we will benefit of 1hour 30 min Camel ride to see
the sunset and to get into the Sahara as 1hour 30min to watch the most beautiful sunrise in the
world, a charming view of a sea of golden sand, at the end of which the sun rises in its best
form. Enjoy a Berber walk out of the desert the next morning. The second night in barbarian
tents under a sky decorated with billions of stars animated with fire camp and folkloric

It’s time to wake up, take breakfast and take many photos, because this is the most beautiful
sunrise ever before the return to Marrakech. You will be back from a different Road but you
are happy and tired enough to take a nap on our way back to Marrakech.


  • Private Air conditioned Vehicule at Disposal
  • Private english speaking driver
  • Daily breackfast and dinner
  • Accomodation (Hotels and camps)
  • Camel rides
  • Stops for photos


  • Tickets
  • Lunches
  • Drinks
  • Tips
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you will find free wifi in all Aeroports / Macdonald’s / KFC / Staebucks / Coffee shops / Restaurants / Hotels.

Where can i drink wine and beer

Only in the Bar or some hotels , never in the coffee shop.

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3 Days in South of Morocco

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