1 Day – Private Day Trip To Zagora From Ouarzazate

1 Day

1 Day – Private Day Trip To Boulmane Dades From Ouarzazate


Zagora consistently captivates those who initially planned a single visit merely to check off being in Morocco, transforming them into enthusiasts yearning for every facet of its sacred, dusty terrain. The diverse interplay of dark and light shades of brown, coffee, tortilla, and tawny hues creates a supernaturally relaxing and visually soothing ambiance.

Zagora, known as a haven for scientific expeditions, has played a pivotal role in uncovering significant traces of Earth’s ancient history. Notably, local newspapers reported the discovery of a warm fossilized engraving dating back 300 million years, unearthed by three scientists.

Therefore, opting for a one-day trip to Zagora from Ouarzazate feels perfectly timed, transitioning from mere caffeinated awakenings to the exhilarating travel-induced goosebumps that this extraordinary destination has to offer.


What can you anticipate from this day trip? What details can you provide?

Initially, these inquisitive questions may seem prudent, but their relevance fades as you delve into the upcoming lines of description.

To commence, be prepared to receive a call from your driver, marking the scheduled pickup time (at 7 am), right at the doorstep of your tourist accommodation in Ouarzazate. It's customary to initiate our tire-based journey with a brief greeting session before embarking on a sandy escapade to Tinfo.

As you traverse the route, brace yourself for the captivating allure of Kasbah and the village of Tamnogalt, captivating you with scenes reminiscent of prehistoric wonders or fantastical tales you may have encountered, prompting an irresistible urge to immerse yourself in the experience.

We've previously mentioned the counterpart to coffee - the Moroccan-flagged, enticingly sweet mint-flavored liquid known as tea. Here, you'll extend your hands to partake in a Moroccan tea ceremony, accompanied by delectable Moroccan dates that will undoubtedly linger, making you impervious to any longing for your habitual coffee, all while celebrating the richness of Moroccan and Sahara Berber Culture.

All this unfolds in the Deraa Valley, beneath the fifth shades of Sahara and happiness, and the twilight saga where the villagers live in harmony with castles and farming.

This one-day journey will serenade you with the rhythmic melodies of the Sahara desert and the radiant skies, immersing you in the genuine wilderness.

Zagora patiently awaits your presence for one last celebratory dance before you bid farewell to the city. Upon announcing your arrival, take a pause at Tamegrout and Amezro, where you'll relish reading manuscripts and ancient writings in a distinctive style.

Infuse more significance into the road to Zagora as you ride on the back of a camel, savoring a treasure-filled stroll.

Upon your return to the golden hues of Zagora, enjoy a leisurely lunch before retracing your steps to the starting point of this extraordinary journey—Ouarzazate.

Includes & Excludes


  • Pick-up & Drop off to your hotel or riad in Ouarzazate
  • Transportation by air-conditioned minivan (Or 4*4)
  • English/French-speaking driver/guide
  • Authentic traditional launch
  • Camel Ride


  • Beverages
  • Personal expenses
  • Local guide (optional)
where can i find free wifi ?

you will find free wifi in all Aeroports / Macdonald’s / KFC / Staebucks / Coffee shops / Restaurants / Hotels.

Where can i drink wine and beer ?

Only in the Bar or some hotels , never in the coffee shop.

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1 Day – Private Day Trip To Zagora From Ouarzazate
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