1 Day – Private Day Trip To the Middle Atlas Mountains From Fez

1 Day – Private Day Trip To the Middle Atlas Mountains From Fez


If you’ve found yourself yearning for a break from the flat landscapes surrounding you during your stay in Fez, and if you’re on the lookout for a uniquely invigorating travel experience lasting no more than a day, then this excursion to the Mid-Atlas Mountain range is tailor-made for you.

Lasting just a day, this journey to the Middle Atlas Mountains from Fez promises to elevate you sky-high, offering panoramic views of the rising peaks of the Mid-Atlas, far removed from the vast expanses of the earth below.

This one-day trip encompasses Ifran, Imouzzar, and Azro, accompanied by the soothing presence of pine greens, providing a refreshing departure from your ordinary travel dreams.

For those behind the screen seeking a myriad of travel experiences to validate their choice of Morocco as a touristic destination, this one-day trip to the Middle Atlas Mountains from Fez is a delightful blend of awe and fascination. It encapsulates the essence of a travel day that resonates with your unique preferences.

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  • Fill your lungs with the crisp air of the Middle Atlas pyramids, providing a refreshing breeze
  • Immerse yourself in the Amazigh culture, surrounded by the unique sounds of the local alphabet and tribes in the area
  • Embark on a memorable journey through the cedar woods, encountering the Apes in the green sanctuary that holds the enchanting tales of Morocco
  • Explore the city of Caves, Ifrane, originally established by the French Colonists in 1928
  • Cast a glance at the serene Imouzzar du Kander, often referred to as the sleeping beauty
  • Allow your eyes to acclimate to the breathtaking beauty of the entire Middle Atlas scenery


Your tour leader or driver will rendezvous with you and your travel companions at the entrance of your accommodation in Fez, transporting you far from the gates and intricate tiles of the spiritual city to the Middle Atlas Mountains and bluffs. The first pit stop is Sefrou, where you can witness waterfalls still gracefully cascading near the city, locally known as "ayoun lmaa," resembling eyes of water on the faces of rocks, seemingly shedding tears of joy for the visitors.

If your travel coincides with Sefrou's souk day, typically bustling with villagers shopping for groceries and clothing, you're likely traveling on Thursdays, offering an authentic lesson in the local economy in Imouzzar du Kendar.

Travelers in June may be fortunate enough to attend the Cherry Festival or the newly inaugurated Couscous Festival. As you arrive at the remnants of the military tours encircling the city, you might feel compelled to don khaki, justifying your attire with a comprehensive view stretching to infinity.

Proceed to the village of Bahlil for a cave exploration reminiscent of pirate adventures or tales from Ali Baba, especially enjoyable with the company of a knowledgeable local guide. Leaving Bahlil behind, head to Imouzzer for a panoramic view from the Kasbah overlooking the hills and the city you now command from a higher vantage point.

Drive through the Saiss plateau, observing Fez from this distant perspective. Continue to the Swiss-inspired town of Ifrane, nestled in the heart of cedar forests, where the brothers decided to establish Alkhawayin University. If the director doesn't mind, you might feel like going back to college, even at this stage in life.

As your biological clock reminds you of lunch, indulge in a meal in Ifrane before returning to Azrou for a leisurely stroll through the forested greens of the pine-covered landscapes. Carry these memories back with you to Fez as the afternoon unfolds.

Includes & Excludes


  • Pick-up & Drop off to your hotel or riad in Fez
  • Transportation by air-conditioned minivan (Or 4*4)
  • English/French-speaking driver
  • English/French Local guide


  • Beverages
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses


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1 Day – Private Day Trip To the Middle Atlas Mountains From Fez

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